Welcome to MY RI ROOTS

Why did my ancestors come to Rhode Island? Was an ancestor really on the Mayflower? This site encompasses several years of family history research as a hobby. Growing up in a large extended family, I loved listening to older relatives at family gatherings tell "family stories". But where they true? What were the facts? My quest started when I was young (before computers!), asking the older family members for details after they told their stories. They sent me letters and notes with names and dates. Lots of hours were spent in archives and libraries, looking at microfilm, reading obituaries, looking at birth and death records, census records, and visiting cemeteries. I've even visited Ireland and England but not as a researcher, just as an American tourist. Online resources are amazing, especially Family Search and Ancestry. But list servs and family forums and other databases are helpful too. I've made great connections over the years, and even found a "cousin". The adventure contines...! Any advice or tips let me know MY RI ROOTS.



msmcmuffin@yahoo.com .